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Jul 27, 2020
In PlayStation 5 Discussions
Hello, We aim to create a global (friendly) community of PS5 enthusiasts and users who want to connect with other PS5 users to share news, ask for help and share their excitement over Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 Console. You are free to have fun but please remember that we wish to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone so have fun as much as you want but don't cross a line. No racism, sexism, bigotry attitude. No dissing on Xbox or other platforms. Yes, you can share memes about Xbox but remember to not cross a line. We aim to promote some of you as community moderators so we will be keeping an eye out on the most active users and reaching out to them via private message. New users are limited to posting only 1 post per day during their first week as a Community member to avoid spam. Have fun and leave any questions that you might have below! #ps5 #playstation5


Mod Team
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